The Switchy Witch

Alpha Female/Switch… Can They Coexist?

Written by NativeFenix, full writing and comments can be found Here.

The way I grew up and the challenges I faced as a young woman with Cerebral Palsy & Spastic Dysplasia forged me into a dominant personality early on. When you spend a fair amount of time in a hospital and around medical professionals, for check ups, progress reports relating to your condition, x-rays, Orthopedics, etc… You learn early not to let them attempt to talk down to or over your head. Especially when you are highly intelligent with a mother who was herself a dominant Alpha Female.

As the years went by and I grew older my dominant personality became a bit of a defense mechanism. Especially during my middle school years. By the time I reached eighteen my personality had morphed almost fully into Alpha Female. And at nineteen I fully realized my nature as a Switch. I’m speaking of my past to lay the groundwork for the primary points of this piece.

I am drawn to Alpha Males, weak/meek men do not turn my head, at all… I crave the strength, dominance, intellect, sensuality, and primal sexuality of Alpha Males. Yet, even as I crave these things, there are moments when, I need to challenge and fight. When my Alpha Female side is also skimmed on the surface by my Dominance… And I need to know my submission is not taken for granted, by a show of strength and physicality. As it feeds my primal side which is tied directly to my Alpha Female side. I am physically outclassed by almost all men I run across. Its something I’ve learned to accept. Yet, at the same time, it is that very thing that drives me at times to challenge. To prove even as I know I won’t win through force, that I am not weak.

On the other end of the spectrum, I am also drawn to strong submissive men/women. In a highly different way. They trigger my need to protect. I desire to give them what they need or crave. The dual nature of a Switch comes in here too. In that I need both sides of my nature fed at once to be fully fulfilled. The question then is, can this dual nature Alpha Female/Switch exist harmoniously? The answer is, yes, it can… It is a delicate balance that We tread, but it can be done with mindful steps. Understanding of self, open & pure honesty with partners, and as others before me have said, communication above all else.

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