The Switchy Witch

I am a Switch. Are you too?

The following is a GREAT piece that explains what we as switches are, better than anything I could ever write I think. The author has given his full permission to re-post here and you can find the original and all comments to go with it here!

The On Going Debate.

Having been involved with BDSM and Kink for many years, I have heard so many arguments, debates and even heard some violently heated discussions over the validity of the concept of being a Switch. Well aware I am of the naysayers that exhort so vehemently that a Switch is just an uncommitted submissive or a weak willed Dominant. A “fence post sitter” that is not to be trusted for their lack of resolve or self-identity. Just as I have heard those spirited and deeply astute rejoinders from those souls that have the wherewithal to hold that title high and proclaim it Me.

Have you experienced this? Where do you stand on this issue?

Here I intend to put my foot into that volatile arena and let the spare change of my opinion rattle within that cacophony of a conversation.

I am not a Switch because I refuse to conform. I am not a Switch because I am uncertain of my role. I am not a Switch because I lack the resolve to lead. I am not a Switch because I refuse to follow.

Do you agree to this? Does this define you or do you have a different/better way of saying it that makes sense to you?

My argument.

I am Switch because I am something that a purely Dominant soul and a deeply submissive spirit would have difficulty attempting to be let alone ever fully understand. I am both. Keenly how I identify with my submissive nature. Just as I relish the utter joy that I obtain through my Dominance. Both are key, integral aspects of who I am. How I would so fundamentally cease to be personality the character the soul that I am that one should be ever severed from me.

Yet as wonderful it is to have the will the want the capacity to hold others in sway as a Dominant. That satisfaction and pleasure would never be enough. As amazing it is to be able to utterly let go and relinquish myself into the hands, the arms of another, to just serve with single minded devotion, that to does not fully sustain or complete me. While I could argue the wonderful boons and benefits of having this dual demeanor there is a cost, a downside.

To be a Switch is to never be fully sated. To be a Switch is to suffer a unique sense of frustration. I DO envy those bold people that HAVE that inner peace of self-awareness and self-acceptance. In so many ways I am a two sided cup. Dare I drink freely from one side the other shall fall empty. Ever do I remain in thirst, taking such wonderful gulps of the essence of BDSM and Kink, and yet however rapidly I may turn the cup, I am still left partially incomplete.

I dare say that being the Switch that I am, that I do stand to gain some unique depth of insight. That I am privy to an arguably bigger overall picture of this philosophy, mindset, and lifestyle of BDSM and Kink. I have my able fingers in both pies and while I may not be able to fully explain the deepest characters of their beautiful and perfectly unique flavors, I CAN so clearly say that I have had a full helping of them both.

What I would like to know is what YOU think it means to be a Switch?

On being Fluid:

I like to Think… of being a Switch as something akin to a Fluid or Dynamic personality that can shift or adapt to its suroundings.

If i encounter a highly Dominant personality, one that I can respect and even admire, it is that recognition and understanding of WHO that person is… that makes my interaction towards them Lean towards being more submissive. However I do not submit to EVERYONE, you may be a Dominant but that does not mean your sense of control or will would ever or could ever summon my inner submissive.

Conversely, should I run into a very deeply submissive soul, it is with me being able to Identify and Grasp the nuance of their character that their submissiveness… PULLS at my Dominance. Yet I do not seek or wish to TOP/Dominate every submissive I see. As sweetly meek or serving a bottom or submissive can be, that by itself does not mean I will arbitrarily Top them.

Just as I am so “adaptive” I find myself being also so ‘selective’ at times in my relations with others. I may be Dominant and Only Dominant to a particular person. Just as with another specific individual I find myself so gleefully submissive and how I just know that I would not ever change that with them.

Curious creatures we may be indeed! That from my experience, I should be so adaptive and reactive to those about me. It is in the Chemistry! of how I interact with you that the map, the nature of my personality should sway and dip towards one identity or the other.

Do you feel this way? Are you more static in your relationships? How do you determine that you Top or bottom? Is it a more instinctive choice or do you reason it out?


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