The Switchy Witch

Park benches are fun (a story)

“I want you to go to the park at 6pm sharp and wait for me, find a picnic table that is somewhat secluded and get on your knees, bent over the table. You pull your skirt up over your hips and lay across that table, completely exposed.” She hears the words echo in her mind as she pulls into the parking lot of the park at the specified time. She shivers, unable to believe what she is about to do. Climbing out of her car, she makes her way down the path that leads deeper into the wooded area of the park. She knows where she is going, her shoes crunch along the gravel as she surveys her surroundings thankful it is a warm evening and knowing there shouldn’t be too many people out at this time of day.
Finding the table she is looking for she heads towards it, stopping when her knees bump the bench. She stares at it for a long time, starting to have seconds thoughts, she forces herself to kneel on the seat. She grimaces as her knees come into contact with the rough surface, twisting she pulls her skirt up to her hips her ass and pussy now exposed she lays across the table, spreading her legs so she’s flat. She shivers feeling the air flow across her exposed flesh. Closing her eyes she tries not to imagine what would happen if a complete stranger were to come but the images start to come, her body reacts. She feels herself becoming wet, juices starting to drip as her clit tingles, becoming more and more sensitized, the slightest breeze making her shift against the table. She starts to feel more wanton, slutty as she continues to imagine what a stranger could do to her. How he could take her. She waits for what feels like hours. Her body on fire with lust. Needing to be fucked now, she wonders if he will show up. She whimpers a little.
Suddenly, her phone beeps, letting her know she has an incoming call. Checking the ID she sees that it’s him, she answers. He starts speaking before she can say hello. “Don’t talk, just listen to what I tell you. I want you to get on your back now, prop your feet up on the seat and spread your legs wide as you can, little girl. I want you to touch yourself, run those pretty little nails all across that cunt. I just bet you are so wet now. Tease it. Touch your clit, but you absolutely do not cum. I will call you again shortly.” He hangs up as suddenly as he called leaving her to stare at the phone, not quite believing what he just said.
She slowly rolls over, her eyes scanning the area thinking he is surely there watching her but she sees no one. She gasps as her ass comes into contact with the concrete, the surface rough against her tender cheeks she spreads her legs wide. She slowly starts to run her hands down her front, blushing a brilliant shade of red as she can now feel how wet she is, she teases her fingers along her lips. Closing her eyes she loses herself to the sensation of her own touch, her fingers glide over her clit, softly at first then rougher. Her hips start to move against her hand as she struggles to push herself to orgasm. The wind kicks up a little, bringing her back to herself..reminding her where she is, opening her mind up again tot he possibility of someone seeing her. She groans, feeling so dirty now. Her fingers fly over her clit. She bucks bringing herself closer and closer, short little whimpers coming from deep in her chest. She half hopes she will get caught now, her cunt needs fucked.
She yelps as her phone rings again next to her head. Picking it up quickly, she just listens as she continues to play with herself. “Oh, you dirty slut. I can hear how badly you want to cum. Get off that table now. I told you no orgasms.” She whimpers, about to voice a protest. “I do not want to hear it! Do as I say and get your nasty little cunt home, now.” He hangs up without another word.
She whispers into the now dead phone, “Yes, Daddy.”

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