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Is it black and white?

October 17th, 2016

During a recent discussion there was conversation about kink being inherently sexual. My persoal view point is that yes, for the most part we engage in kink because on some level it is arousing. Otherwise, why do it?

One point is for catharsis. There isn’t much sexual about a cathartic beating (or whatever activitiy used to reach catharsis). When I’m looking for catharsis the last thing on my mind is being turned on, sex, orgasms, anything that could be considered sex. Catharsis for me, is a release. Release of stress, anger, fear, pain, whatever thing that has been weighing me down. Usually it means I want to cry.

Otherwise? in the traditional sense of play? I do think it is an act based on sexual thoughts/feelings. after all, if it didn’t turn us on to some degree, why do it? I don’t think it means all the play has to END in sexual intercourse. I do think it creates an intense arousal. Heightened senses. Doesn’t necessarily mean orgasm is needed, though they area nice.

I’m not even touching on things like littles, AB, etc. because those types of play? generally? not sexual. at all. They are also things I don’t really have an interest or much knowledge.

Is it black and white? No. I don’t think so. 50 shades and all that. ;)

The Switchy Witch

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