The Switchy Witch

Pushing the Limit

October 25th, 2012


Tightly gripping her hair.
Shoved to the floor.
Grip adjusted, wrapping around her throat.

She squeaks and winces.
She reaches up to grip his thighs.
Balancing awkwardly.

He snarls, “hands behind your back”
A light slap across her face, she’s not quick enough.
Tighter grip on her throat.

She whimpers
Lacing her fingers behind her back.
She dares to look up at him.

He looks at her, almost as if uninterested.
Like a flash, he slaps her hard.
Fingers grazing across her face.

She gasps,
Tears well up,

“Shut up!”
He slaps her again.

She cringes away.
Her face burning.
Mind turning.

He watches, silently.
Her tears spur him on.
He moves closer, almost standing over top of her.

She is forced back, face exposed.
Tears free falling.

He slaps her again.
Handprint showing clearly.
His fingers trace the mark.

She squeezes her eyes closed.
Mind gone.

He grips her by the hair.
Pulls her up.
Softly kisses her burning cheeks.

She leans against his legs.
Crying, she wraps her arms around them.
Brought low.

“Good girl.”
He strokes her head.
“I am proud to push your limits”

She smiles small.
Nuzzles him.
“Please, push more.”

The Switchy Witch

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