The Switchy Witch

Sadist Wakes

May 17th, 2012

I could lose myself in making a man cry, beg, plead and otherwise bleed for me.

I want to drag my nails down his back.
I want to watch him shrink and shiver away from the pain.

I want to lay my cane across his fine ass.
I want to laugh as I hear the painful sounds he makes.

I want to revel in the marks I create.
I want to see the bruises begin to form.

I want to savor the finest crimson drops.
I want to hear the begging begin.

I want to feel soft flesh squeezed between my fingers.
I want to marvel at the extraordinary amount of pain that is taken.

I want to tease a cock to hardness.
I want to slap it back down again.

I want to sink my teeth into the most sensitive of flesh.
I want to inhale the sweet scent of the body.

I want to push beyond the limits.
I want to break and reshape.

I want to leave a man crying, begging, pleading and bleeding for me.

The Switchy Witch

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