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The Daddy Thing

August 31st, 2013

The “daddy thing”

Ok so, I know there are a lot of people that get totally squicked out about the “daddy thing” At one point in my life..I was most definitely one of those people. The idea..thought… was a “yea…no” kind of thing.

What? You want to call that guy that you’re with Daddy because why? You have daddy issues? You’re into **gasp** incest?? EWWWWWwwwwWWW. **GROSS**

Well, I have now joined the ranks of girls and boys into the “daddy thing”.


Simply put… calling someone Daddy, for me, is ALL about what makes me feel submissive. Small. Little girl. Wanting to please. Cherished. Loved. I can count on 1 hand the number of people I have yearned to call daddy. It won’t happen easily.

Yes, yes. I have “daddy issues” tho I never in my wildest dreams would THINK to call my dear old dad, Daddy. But, I am here to tell you, calling someone daddy does not in any way shape or form make me think of my Dad. Calling someone daddy is **not** a way for me to deal with my “daddy issues” Those I can tell you, some day, I will deal with in a very NON-KINKY manner.

Which of course leads to the whole incest thing. Again, can I just say **EWWWwwwwWWW GROSS** I am not now, nor will I EVER want to have sex with my dad..or any other family member for that matter. Shudders

No, I have discovered through much internal contemplation the word Daddy for me equates totally and completely to calling someone “Master” or “Sir” or whatever other honorific submissives give to the one who owns them. My personality is strong. I am not one that will go down on bended knee for just anyone. The thought of ever calling anyone master, lord, ruler, (insert word here) makes me want to laugh. To point and snicker and say “You have GOT to be kidding me”

I suppose you could say none of those words really ring true in my soul as being ultimately “dominant” Which I guess, begs knowing what I see as being “dominant” What traits and qualities in a a dominant personality do I seek?


When I think of those words, the one word that I feel encompasses all of them is daddy.

Also, when I think of all those other words…I see myself as being “equal” to them. could I be “equal” to that word? If the man who embodies all of those qualities I seek/need…how could I ever be “equal” to that? By my very nature, what I **need** in order to want…desire…crave, kneeling at his feet, serving, loving, giving myself wholeheartedly as the submissive, the little girl is the one who fits that word. The one who makes me feel “less than not equal too”

I am a switch.
I am dominant.
I am powerful.
I am authoritative.
I am smart.
I am loving.
I am caring.
I am quiet.
I am strong.
I am human.
I am imperfect.
I am honest.
I am assertive.
I am a listener.
I am sadistic.
I am safe.

I need a daddy to rein in those qualities in me. I need a daddy to quiet that storm inside. I need a daddy to show me it’s safe to let the little girl out.

So yes, this is the “daddy thing” for me.

The Switchy Witch

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