The Switchy Witch

The Silent Orgasm

July 3rd, 2012

The only sound the fan whirring in the room.
The cool breeze blowing across bare flesh.
Skin puckered, nipples pebbled.

Hands exploring.
Brushing down, teasing over hyper aware flesh.
Dipping into the juncture of the thighs.

Tip toeing, scraping, pulling on the tender flesh.
Teasing but not touching that most sensitive of spots.
Wetness being pulled from the well.

Finally fingers make contact.
Fingernail scrapes across that hard button.
Flicking, pinching, rolling.

The only sound the fan whirring.
Breath becoming shallow.
Body tingling, tightening.

Knees bending, hips rolling.
Fingers working faster.
Thrusting upwards, seeking more

The body tenses.
The world falls.
The release flows.

The silent orgasm crashes.

The Switchy Witch

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