The Switchy Witch


May 17th, 2012

The hour was dark.
My heart was barren.
My soul was weak.

I heard a voice.
A soft whisper.
My mind tries to fathom.

It came before.
It grew louder.
It whispers, “wake up”

I open my eyes.
I open my mind.
My heart gives a shiver.

Words flood my conscious.
I see the light.
The voice brings it closer.

It is a new beginning.
My heart is seeded.
My soul is rebuilding.

The words are the water.
The thoughts are the sun.
My heart is growing.

You bring the sun.
You bring the rain.
You bring healing.

Your words
Your thoughts.
They have brought me light.

I am not fully healed
I am still weak.
I will not break.


You give me strength.
You give me power.
You show me it’s not impossible.

The Switchy Witch

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